My first two weeks of my third second year

I will have to warn you right now that I am not the most literate bound writer and will make the odd error in grammar or English. You can blame that on my nationality or my laziness, either way I apologize ahead of time.

It has been two weeks since I started my second year of University. Although the outcome of the year does not arrive from two weeks of work, my target was to begin this course, with a better understanding of my subject choice and the organisation level of an Oxford student with OCD. Unfortunately, I began with the same lazy feeling that I normally begin anything in my life, with the most organised item in my bag being…an empty folder.

Life tends to bring you down further still when you don’t achieve the goals you long for. It feels like if you can’t start correctly, how can you carry on following in the right tracks? Should I just give in to the lazy version of this story? Why bother trying, year after year, to start anew when I constantly fail and end up disoriented and lost?

Some of you are probably thinking, are you serious? Would you really be stupid enough to think that you can’t get out of the rut just because you began that way? Others are probably nodding along, sat on the sofa with their eyes on Facebook, as well as this post, happy with themselves for multi-tasking for once. Hey…Procrastinators…get up!

The first group of irritably positive people are right. We can re-write this bleak future of average couch potatoes and turn it into something so much bigger and better. It can be as simple as buying books for your course, be it University or secondary school. Want to go simpler? How about registering your discount cards, which you always make an excuse to not do, as this 3 minute task is far too time consuming…

Being prepared is difficult, but being motivated is not. It only takes that first simple step. I have done those two steps today (for once) and already feel like I can conquer this year with a bang (I know one is completely irrelevant, but I have waited years to get it done). Soon enough, I will have achieved another step which was meant to have been tackled two weeks ago, but I realized that it doesn’t matter when I start it. So long as I start it I know that the rest of the trek won’t be as difficult, or as annoying, or as hard.

I’m not saying that once the first step is taken you can achieve anything, but once you do you’ll be a lot closer than you were before, that’s a fact.

Final summation, don’t beat yourself up if you start something in a different manner, or space of time, than you first imagined. Remove that image from your head, as perfection can only be achieved with a huge amount of time and resources. The most important thing to do is to start, the rest will follow if you really want it to.

I have finally started my 2 week delayed project and late as it may be, what’s the point on focusing on the negative? I have just took a step away from averageness and will not dwell on what it could have been. I’m slow…deal with it.

Blog one is out, step taken. \o/ 



  1. Você está fazendo a sua maneira minha linda! Cada um funciona de uma maneira diferente, seja ela como for o que importa é a sua força, garra e atitude. Parabéns e muito sucesso sempre bjinhos

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