Talking into the ether

I’ve noticed I come across a point of writer’s block in any mood I find myself in. When I am mentally drained and emotionally depressed, I find my mind to be a minefield of thoughts and interesting anecdotes, but end up too physically lethargic to do anything about them. Conversely, if I am relaxed and content with my personal life and the goals achieved during the day, I have almost nothing of interest to write about.

Therefore, in order to get a better flow and a more concentrated point in my writing, this entry will most likely bore the crap out of anyone who reads it, but will in turn provide me with a platform to display some kind of literally prowess and allow my thoughts (the interesting ones that is) to form shape for future blog posts.

I have ideas. Quite a few ideas which most of the time never feel sensible enough. They form a sort of air based, gravity defying ocean around me and I feel like a drowning fish. Drowning in nothing, but at the same time drowning in everything. In order to make sense of this ocean of information, I need to stop swimming in nothingness and learn to visualise the ideas as they are, take one and focus entirely on that. Continuing the analogy, it would be as if I (as a fish) managed to obtain elements of the substance that is drowning me, used them to create a focused compound which in turn enabled my survival within the harsh environment.

So this is a start, a beginning to a more focused persona and identity. Don’t get me wrong, I will still cock-up throughout the years I write, procrastinate regularly and probably sound like a babbling idiot. However, I will do my best to use up all the possible tools to recover and focus on the end goal. To bring my ideas and thoughts out to those who are willing to listen to a bit of bullshit every now and again.

Although my initial ideas of writing about young marriage, classic movies, social anxiety, body image, world cuisine, amongst others will come to fruition over time, I don’t want my thinking of them before writing to lead me down a path of stress and mental fatigue. So I will use my blog, my friends and all resources available to me to construct something (worthwhile or not) out of “nothing”.


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